Bremo Waste Water Cleaner Than Required

Dominion has been pumping treated coal ash waste water from its Bremo Power Plant into the James River for over a week now, and the company has just released the first official water quality test results.

Opponents to permits allowing the water dump said a contamination limit of over 500 parts of arsenic per million parts of water was too high.

Dominion apparently agreed.

The latest testing revealed an arsenic level of less than 5 parts per million parts of water.

Dominion Spokesman James Williams said the company is not surprised.

“”Well, they’re exactly what we anticipated, that the system is working as designed,” said Williams.

The company previously said the waste water would be purified above and beyond the permit requirements.

Pleasants Sworn In For Interim

Tuesday, Charlottesville Police Officer Gary Pleasants was officially sworn in as Interim Acting Police Chief.

The department’s new chief, Al Thomas, will take the reigns on May 23rd, and Pleasants says he’s expecting a smooth transition.

“”We’ve put a number of documents together at Chief Longo’s direction for Chief Thomas; and they’re sitting in the box in the chief’s office now, and when he arrives I will go over those with him,” said Pleasants.

Thomas says he’s using the next three weeks to relocate to the area.

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