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THC Derivatives Supported

(Metro) The State Senate Education and Health Committee is pushing legislation to legalize two derivatives of the marijuana for medical use.

The bill brought forward by Fairfax Democrat David Marsden would allow doctors to prescribe cannibidiol oil and/or THC-A oil to treat patients with debilitating epilepsy.

The bill passed in the committee despite State Police testimony warning of the dangers of going against federal law.

The bill will now proceed to the Republican-controlled Courts of Justice Committee, where other marijuana reforms died earlier this week.

ABC Official Freed

(Metro) A former Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control official who was facing ten years in prison for embezzlement is free on probation. 

Steven Hammond pleaded guilty to pocketing 250-thousand dollars that was supposed to go to programs to fight underage drinking. 

A U.S. district judge yesterday said he was moved by letters of support from family members and community leaders who felt he needed a second chance.

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