Culpeper Student Charged

A Culpeper County High School student is facing multiple charges after allegedly bringing a pellet gun to school this week.

The 15-year-old student was arrested Wednesday after three county schools were put on lockdown after reports of a threat made on a bus.

The unidentified student allegedly stated that he intended to "shoot other people."

After detectives got the weapon in question at another person's home, they learned it was a CO2 caliber pellet pistol.

No injuries were reported.

Warner, Kaine Talk Gun Control

Senators Mark Warner, Tim Kaine and others are putting their heads together to come up with a solution to gun violence

Warner announced those proposals Thursday morning on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, which included stronger background checks, closing loopholes that exist in current laws, and doing more to stop the sale of illegal guns.

The Virginia senators were joined by senators from Oregon and Connecticut, which are both states that have seen mass shootings in the past few years.

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