Raqqa's escaping victims forced to live in toxic oil refinery with gasoline-laced water and no sewer system

Thousands of Raqqa residents are trying to get out of the Islamic State's so-called capital in Syria, but their hell is far from over once they've escaped the war-ravished remnants of the city.

58 dead in 3 days in renewed Philippine anti-drug bloodshed

Philippine police say they have killed at least 26 more drug offenders in overnight gunbattles in the capital, bringing the death toll in the president's renewed crackdown to 58 in the last three days.

Danish police look for body in missing journalist case

Copenhagen police say they are looking for a body in the case of a Swedish journalist missing since a trip on a home-built submarine.

Chinese propaganda video prompts Indian complaint of racism

China's main state news agency, Xinhua, has released a video online criticizing India in a border dispute that prompted an Indian newspaper to complain of "racist overtones."

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