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Romania evacuates 500 after furious floodwaters submerge area; PM heads to region

Authorities evacuated 500 people from an area in southwest Romania after surging floodwaters submerged villages during one of the country's wettest summers in recent years.

Burundi on edge as violent youth group is accused of murder; the opposition is said to suffer

The group stoking fear among many Burundians includes stick-wielding men who sing patriotic tunes as they march through villages.

Communist rebels in Philippines free 4 police officers seized in attack on station 3 weeks ago

Communist guerrillas on Tuesday freed four police officers they abducted from a police station in the southern Philippines three weeks ago, the military said.

Hungarian opposition group asks EU to safeguard democracy after prime minister's speech

An opposition group says it will ask the European Union to step up its oversight of democracy in Hungary after the prime minster said he wants to transform the country from a liberal democracy into an "illiberal state." Viktor Szigetvari, co-chairman of the E14-PM alliance, said Tuesday that the group wants to draw the attention of the incoming European Commission, the bloc's executive body, to the "constantly deteriorating quality of Hungarian democracy," especially concerning press freedoms and non-governmental groups.

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